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What a difference a year makes for a baby or business!

Ask any parent and they will tell you time flies especially in the first year of a baby's existence. They grow and develop so quick that they don't even look like the small little bundle that came home from the hospital. Well that same kind of growth and adjustment occurs in a business too!

ASC4Business Logo Aug 1, 2017
ASC4Business Logo Aug 1, 2016

On Aug 1, 2016 ASC4Business (formerly known as ASC, The Agency of Sutherland & Copplestone) opened their doors in the community of Centre Wellington.  Located at the CWCC (Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce) office, it was a fantastic, centralized location for business owners to go as a one-stop shop. You tell us your "story" once and through all our expertise and connections, we connect you to all the advice, strategies, and resources you need to help you navigate the business world and ensure your success.  This was the start of a "small" business idea that grew and grew, progressing so much (& so fast) over the next year.

It's pronounced "ASK" because we have answers!

In our 1st year, the clients, connections, referrals sources, and centres of influence for ASC4Business has grown exponentially. Environmental changes for businesses - the US election, trade deals, federal & provincial regulations, community growth, industry & corporate restructuring, plus financial changes have had a massive impact on the planning and SWOT analysis for most businesses owners. Lastly, competition is getting worse for most types of business. There has been a flood of people entering the business world. Unfortunately experience, skills, and expertise aren't necessarily a requirement nor is planning and research, so although we are big supporters of all things business, this flood will hopefully slowly dissipate as these individuals realize business is not for the faint of heart (nor is it easy, fun, & will require more time/effort then they want to give).  However, in the interim, competition is competition and it does have plenty of effect on clients, employees, and your bottom line.

As the world changed around us, ASC4Buiness changed as well. Being flexible is one of the key requirements for any business.  When our office became a glorified watering station for our plants (as we were always out and about working with clients), we moved out of the "office" and became a mobile office on-the-go.  The agents can go to clients or clients can come to us at the Chamber based on their preference when the appointment is set up. Convenience, ease of access, and the use of technology allows us to be in in more places then ever before and make it easy for busy businesses.

Need Advice? Want Direction? Our Business Success Agents are here to help!Serving Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin, & Grey-Bruce Region.

When our "birthday" started to approach, it was time for a business review. We fine tuned our plan, updated our services, and looked at where we needed to be and areas of expansion.  In 1 year ASC4Business grew & grew with a few falls, bumps, and bruises.  We did get our footing & the business ran!

It's been a fantastic year and something to look back and be proud.  Just as a parent, observing how much the "baby" has grown leads to a sense of pride, admiration, and respect for a job well done!  The key is at each level of growth (especially for business) it makes sense to stop, do a review, look at what the plan was and needs to be, then make the necessary changes.  It helps you focus your energies and resources to the right areas for the next growth spurt.

Business and babies move fast when your doing it right, so you just have to be on the ready! 😉


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