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What a difference a year makes for a baby or business!

Ask any parent and they will tell you time flies especially inthe first year of a baby's existence. They grow and develop so quick that they don't even look like the small little bundle that came home from the hospital. Well that same kind of growth and adjustment occurs in a business too!

On Aug 1, 2016 ASC4Business (formerly known as ASC, The Agency of Sutherland & Copplestone) opened their doors in the community of Centre Wellington.  Located at the CWCC (Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce) office, it was a fantastic, centralized location for business owners to go as a one-stop shop. You tell us your "story" once and through all our expertise and connections, we connect you to all the advice, strategies, and resources you need to help you navigate the business world and ensure your success.  This was the start of a "small" business idea that grew and grew, progressing so much (& so fast) over the next year.

In our 1st year, the clients, conne…
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It's Worth The Drive To... (where is your business going?)

When I lived out west, it was not unusual for me to drive over 11 hours to visit my girlfriend on a weekend. To have a chance to hang with a good friend, have some laughs, & enjoy each others company, it was worth the drive from Fort St John, BC to Lethbridge, AB. I was not alone! Many people out there drove often long ways to get to different places & they did it willingly. Heck, it was 77 km one way just to get from my home to work. But it was a small price to pay (the distance) to get to friends, family, work, or fun.
So why is it in Ontario we seem to be afraid to do the same? I can't believe the number of times I hear people say “I can't make it, it's too far away” just to go to the other side of town or the outskirts. I use to drive up to 2 hours (sometimes 3) one way when I traveled as a Fantastia consultant & I met some of the best clients you could ever meet & I was one of the busiest reps. Yet many people who run their own business can…

Are You Ready For Fall?

August 21st, 2016
The Summer is Almost
Over & Fall is On Its Way!

What are you doing to get ready for the new season?
How are you gearing up your business for growth?
What is your plan of attack
for getting more clients,
improving processes, &
finding ways to be more

These are the kinds of things
you should look at quarterly
for business improvement
(if not more).  If you don't
feel comfortable doing this
on your own, then talk to
an agent.  They are more
then happy to help you
assess & adjust for

Don't forget our office hours are Mondays & Wed - Fri from
10am – 4pm unless otherwise
noted in our events calendar.
We are closed on Tuesdays
for out-of-area meetings.
We  are always available by

phone & email to chat!


August 1st, 2016
This is a big day for our agency as our website is now live & we are officially open for business in our new location!
Come on out to The Business Advisory Centre (located in the Fergus Chamber of Commerce & Information Centre. Say HI to our agents, find out what we do, & see how we can help you or your business going forward. For everyone who comes out this week, we have a special  thank you treat.
Don't forget our Open House Fri Aug 5th (10am – 4pm).